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Hi and welcome to FIM Infographics.

We are Greg and Fiona and we run a family run Infographic directory here on this site. We are both into graphic design and love what Infographics can do for your website. We have been in marketing for several years now and decided to set this site up as a hobby and one day we would like to sell the site to create a bit of income.

Until the day we sell the site, which is going to be in the years to come, we want to provide a resource for visitors to find high quality Infographic images. You can use Infographics on your website to help illustrate what you are trying to put over in words. Infographics are very useful for retaining visitors’ attention, so we highly recommend you use them wherever you can.

The other benefits that you can get from using Infographics is a greater length of time for a visitor to remain on your site. This will help your CTR (click through rate) ratio, which is a ranking factor in Google. Also, Infographics, will help increase your perceived authority in your niche when people see them, so these are good reasons to use Infographics whenever you can.

Thanks for visiting our website and please check out the infographics on our Infographic directory page.

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